Latest Publications

National Transfer Accounts and Generational Flows

11/12/2014, Policy In Focus, IPC-IG

The Use of Data in the Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Policies

11/12/2014, One Pager, Paola de Orte, Lívia Maria Da Costa Nogueira, Cecilia Lariu, Júlio Cesar Fonseca, Yuri Silva

The Impact of Ghana’s LEAP Programme

11/12/2014, One Pager, Benjamin Davis, Silvio Daidone, Sudhanshu Handa, Michael Park, Robert Osei Darko , Isaac Osei-Akoto

The Impacts of Cash Transfers on Community Dynamics in Tigray, Ethiopia

11/12/2014, One Pager, Pamela Pozarny, Sara Pavanello