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New Gateway on Social Protection is launched

The South-South Learning Gateway on Social Protection was launched last week during a workshop in South-Africa. The website is an initiative of the UNDP International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth (IPC-IG)

South-South Learning gateway on Social ProtectionJohannesburg and Brasilia, 19 October 2010The South-South Gateway on Social Protection was launched last week in South Africa as a global platform for social protection practitioners to share knowledge and experiences. The new South-South Learning Gateway on Social Protection is an online collaborative tool aiming to create open, independent and critical networks to exchange experiences across regions and countries.

The idea of the website has its roots on the Africa-Brazil Cooperation Programme on Social Protection, which started in 2008 to support the development and implementation of effective social protection policies and foster South–South learning with partner African countries.

At that moment, the cooperation was in need of effective channels that would help on sharing its findings, including more actors on the debate and enabling other developing countries to learn and contribute with their own experiences. The response to that demand was designed throughout a year, and now is being globally launched in the shape of an internet gateway. “As a global centre committed to development, the International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth continues searching for innovative ways to foster south-south cooperation”, says Dr. Rathin Roy, director of IPC-IG.

The website has been set up as a “virtual bookcase” with a searchable database of social protection materials from across the world. The collection includes tools, case studies, policy papers and research. Besides the library, there is a section featuring a social protection mapping of developing countries. “We are aiming to expand the knowledge base and capacities of developing countries to design and implement nationally-owned poverty reduction strategies, bridging the gaps between theory, policy and practice with accessible and diverse social protection information, as well as providing a space where practitioners can share ideas, experiences and resources”, explains Melissa Andrade, coordinator of the IPC-IG’s South-South Learning cluster.

All policy makers, institutions, research centres as well as civil society organisations interested on social protection policy dialogue are welcome to join this network. Be an active part of the South-South Learning on Social Protection and help us to build a more inclusive world.


More about the workshop

A Policy Dialogue and a South-South Learning Event on Long-Term Social Protection for Inclusive Growth”, was held on 11-13 October in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Workshop brought together policy makers, policy advisors and researchers to discuss possible ways by which the South-South policy dialogue can potentially add value by linking social protection programmes to overall macroeconomic factors and social resilience in the context of promoting inclusive growth.

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South-South Learning Gateway on Social Protectio


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