Author:José Irineu Rangel Rigotti, Diana Oya Sawyer, Laetícia Rodrigues de Souza, Clarissa Guimarães Rodrigues
Subject: Education
" /> Abstract: Expected Years of Schooling (EYS), one of the components of the education indicator in the Human Development Index (HDI) (UNDP, 2010), is a measure of the number of years of schooling a child at the start of his or her education is expected to receive, if current rates of enrolment are maintained throughout the child’s life (UNESCO, 2009). The advantages of using this indicator are that it represents a measure that takes into account both stock and flow dimensions in the school system and is easy to calculate and does not require standardisation in comparisons involving countries with distinct age structures. (…)

keywords: A Re-examination of the Expected Years of Schooling: What Can It Tell US?
Date Publication: 11/18/2013 (All day)
Type/Issue: Working Paper / 117
Language: English