Author:Giang Thanh Long , Dharmapriya Wesumperuma
Subject: Social Protection and CCTs
" /> Abstract: The social pension scheme in Viet Nam was first introduced on 26 March 2000 for people aged 90 years and over who did not receive contributory pensions or other social allowances. The benefit of a minimum of VND45,000 (about $3) per month was first paid out in 2002 and increased to a minimum of VND65,000 (about $4.20) per month in 2004. Decree 67/NÐ-CP of 13 April 2007 reduced the minimum eligibility age from 90 to 85 years and increased the minimum benefit to VND120,000 (about $7.50) per month. Decree 13/NÐ-CP of 27 February 2010 further reduced the minimum eligible age to 80 years and raised the minimum benefit to VND180,000 (about $9.50) per month.1 The final benefit amount is based on a set of multipliers which depend on the household composition or specific characteristics of the beneficiary. The table summarises two categories of beneficiaries of social pensions. (…)

keywords: Some Notes on Social Pensions in Viet Nam
Date Publication: 08/07/2013 (All day)
Type/Issue: One Pager / 210
Language: English