Author:Diego Pereira Lindoso, Juliana Dalboni Rocha, Nathan Debortoli, Izabel Cavalcanti I. Parente, Flávio Eiró, Marcel Bursztyn , Saulo Rodrigues Filho
Subject: Rural Development
" /> Abstract: Political uncertainties about the global capacity to keep greenhouse gases within safe concentration limits along with new evidence from science showing that some degree of climate change is unavoidable have drawn international attention to the urgency of considering adaptation measures as important as mitigation actions. As a result, many efforts have been made to provide decision-makers with integrated systems of vulnerability assessment that can guide policy action towards mainstreaming adaptation on the governmental development agenda. (…)

keywords: Indicators for Assessing the Vulnerability of Smallholder Farming to Climate Change: the Case of Brazil’s Semi-Arid Northeastern Region
Date Publication: 05/20/2012 (All day)
Type/Issue: One Pager / 163
Language: English