Author:Darana Souza, Danuta Chmielewska
Subject: Rural Development
" /> Abstract: Together, India, Brazil and South Africa have nearly 1,365 billion inhabitants (World Bank, 2009), or about 20 per cent of the world’s population. Although the three countries have demonstrated the potential for transformative development in the South, their experience has been marked by key challenges such as relatively high levels of poverty, inequality and food insecurity, problems that persist for significant numbers of people. This minilateral group of countries known as IBSA is a crucial pole for increasing South-South learning and has much potential for debate on innovative development policy initiatives. (...)

keywords: Public Support to Food Security in India, Brazil and South Africa: Elements for a Policy Dialogue
Date Publication: 04/15/2011 (All day)
Type/Issue: Working Paper / 80
Language: English