Author:Clovis Zapata, Diego Vazquez-Brust , José Plaza-Úbeda
Subject: Development Innovations
" /> Abstract: Our research indicates that Petrobras Biocombustíveis can help alleviate poverty among small-scale family farmers by enhancing stakeholder integration into the Brazilian biodiesel programme. This corroborates numerous studies pointing out the importance of stakeholder networks (Rowley, 1997; Roloff, 2008), which can be particularly significant in programmes that aim to incorporate small-scale farmers into internationally driven markets. Petrobras Biocombustíveis needs to improve the involvement of such farmers, especially in the northeast of Brazil, by identifying and engaging representatives of economic and social arenas to form stakeholder networks. (…)

keywords: How Can Petrobras Biocombustíveis Engage Small-Scale Farmers While Promoting Sustainability in Brazil’s Biodiesel Programme?
Date Publication: 10/15/2010 (All day)
Type/Issue: One Pager / 119
Language: English