Author:Göran Holmqvist
Subject: HIV/AIDS
" /> Abstract: The global HIV prevalence map reveals striking contrasts between high- and low-prevalence countries. Africa is the most affected continent, but within Africa there is a distinct geographical pattern. A handful of Southern African countries have prevalence indicators in the range of 15–35 per cent, while rates in West African countries are in the range of 1–5 per cent and those in East African countries are somewhere in between. What explains this variation in HIV prevalence rates? The answer could offer some clues about the HIV epidemic and how to counteract it. More generally, it may also teach us something about why certain societies are more vulnerable than others to an infectious disease such as HIV. (...)

keywords: HIV and Income Inequality: If There Is a Link, What Does It Tell Us?
Date Publication: 04/24/2009 (All day)
Type/Issue: One Pager / 83
Language: English