Author:John Serieux
Subject: HIV/AIDS
" /> Abstract: This Conference Paper by John Serieux was presented at the “Global Conference on Gearing Macroeconomic Policies to Reverse the HIV/AIDS Epidemic”, jointly organized by UNDP’s HIV/AIDS Group and IPC and held in Brasilia, November 2006. It is part of an IPC-supported Research Programme on “Macroeconomic Policies to Combat HIV/AIDS”. The paper argues that any adverse macroeconomic effects of a large scaling up of HIV/AIDS financing can be prevented by proper exchange-rate management, including frontloading aid, building up a modest stock of foreign exchange reserves and refraining from over-reacting to initial moderate increases in inflation and the value of the exchange rate.

keywords: Poverty, MDG, HIV/AIDS, EXCHANGE RATE
Date Publication: 03/04/2007 (All day)
Type/Issue: Conference Paper / 1
JEL: B41
Language: English