Author:Leon Schreiber, Doctoral Candidate, Department of Political and Social Sciences, Freie Universität Berlin
Subject: Social Protection and CCTs
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Abstract: It is widely accepted that the Child Support Grant (CSG) has become one of South Africa’s flagship instruments in combating poverty and inequality sinceits introduction in 1998. UNICEF (2012) regards it as “an exemplary model of asocial cash transfer programme” that contributed to the development of arefashioned social protection system. The language of exceptionalism andsignificant change emerged in the context of the transition to democracy,with the incoming government emphasising the importance ofimplementing transformative policies.

keywords: Institutions, Policy Change, Development, Child Support, South Africa
Date Publication: 07/09/2014 - 18:04
Type/Issue: One Pager / 257
ISSN: 2318-9118
Language: English