Author:Amanda Barroso Lima, Beatriz Abreu dos Santos, Isadora Cardoso Vasconcelos
Subject: Rural Development
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Abstract: "In Brazil, smallholder farmers account for around 70 per cent of the food market for some crops. Family farming can contribute to reducing poverty and improving food security. Women are important actors in agriculture and rural development, accounting for 43 per cent of the total workforce in rural areas of developing countries (FAO 2015) and approximately 30 per cent of the total rural workforce in Brazil (IBGE 2006). Women spend an average of 372 hours per year on rural activities versus the 368 spent by men (FAO 2015)." (…)

keywords: challenges, perspectives, rural, women, Brazil, 2030 Agenda, Sustainable Development
Date Publication: 04/08/2016 - 09:00
Type/Issue: One Pager / 319
ISSN: 2318-9118
Language: English