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The IPC-IG One-Pager is an extremely popular publication that seeks to  introduce readers to an idea or concept explored more in depth in a separate larger publication (i.e. Working Paper, journal article, book chapter, report  or project etc.). One pagers effectively allow for an introductory summary of a larger piece of work to be disseminated in an easier to consume format. A Series of One-Pagers are used to track larger works in progress serving as progress reports, or rather a series of publications covering a certain thematic area. more

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Sustainable Agriculture: A Way Out of Food Poverty Tuya Altangerel, Fernando Henao One Pager 104 12/02/2010
Green Jobs for the Poor: Why a Public Employment Approach is Needed Now Maikel Lieuw-Kie-Song, Radhika Lal One Pager 105 12/02/2010
Direct or Mediated Relationships? Civic Involvement and Social Accountability in the Bolsa Família Programme Felipe Hevia One Pager 106 15/03/2010
What Is the Impact of the Bolsa Família Programme on Education? Paul Glewwe, Ana Lúcia Kassouf One Pager 107 15/03/2010
Unintended Effects of Microfinance: An Increase in Child Labour in Some Contexts? Christian Lehmann, Guilherme Issamu Hirata One Pager 108 14/05/2010
How Should MDG Implementation Be Measured: Faster Progress or Meeting Targets? Sakiko Fukuda-Parr, Joshua Greenstein One Pager 109 14/05/2010
The challenge of pro-poor growth in Uganda Barbara Barungi, Eduardo Zepeda One Pager 11 25/02/2005
Supporting Food Production and Food Access through Local Public Procurement Schemes: Lessons from Brazil Darana Souza, Danuta Chmielewska One Pager 110 14/06/2010
How Much Do Non-Cash Components and Externalities Affect the Impact of Cash Transfers? Rafael Perez Ribas, Fabio Veras Soares, Clarissa Gondim Teixeira, Elydia Silva, Guilherme Issamu Hirata One Pager 111 14/06/2010
Rethinking Public Employment Programmes: Moving Beyond Safety Nets? Radhika Lal One Pager 112 14/06/2010