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The IPC-IG One-Pager is an extremely popular publication that seeks to  introduce readers to an idea or concept explored more in depth in a separate larger publication (i.e. Working Paper, journal article, book chapter, report  or project etc.). One pagers effectively allow for an introductory summary of a larger piece of work to be disseminated in an easier to consume format. A Series of One-Pagers are used to track larger works in progress serving as progress reports, or rather a series of publications covering a certain thematic area. more

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Aspects of Chilean and Peruvian safety nets Pedro Arruda, Manoel Salles, Luísa A. Nazareno One Pager 331 08/09/2016
Associated Factors Contributing to Child Stunting in Yemen Laetícia Rodrigues de Souza One Pager 295 12/06/2015
Benefits Sharing: Blending Climate Change and Development in National Policy Efforts Leisa Perch One Pager 121 17/12/2010
Birth control and poverty in South America Marcelo Medeiros One Pager 10 31/01/2005
Bolsa Familia as Seen Through the Lens of the Decent Work Agenda Ana Flávia Machado , Gustavo Geaquinto Fontes , Mariangela Furlan Antigo, Roberto Henrique Gonzalez, Fabio Veras Soares One Pager 133 28/10/2011
Bolsa Família and 'Progresa/Oportunidades/Prospera': consensual reforms? Carla Tomazini One Pager 366 16/10/2017
Bolsa Família and Fertility Transition in Brazil José Eustáquio Diniz Alves, Suzana Cavenaghi One Pager 227 18/11/2013
Bolsa Família and Household Labour Supply Alan de Brauw, Daniel O. Gilligan, John Hoddinott, Shalini Roy One Pager 239 12/12/2013
Bolsa Família, Occupational Choice and Informality in Brazil Ana Luiza Neves de Holanda Barbosa, Carlos Henrique L. Corseuil One Pager 226 18/11/2013
Bolsa Família: A Summary of Its Impacts Sergei Suarez Dillon Soares One Pager 137 29/02/2012