One Pager

The IPC-IG One-Pager is an extremely popular publication that seeks to  introduce readers to an idea or concept explored more in depth in a separate larger publication (i.e. Working Paper, journal article, book chapter, report  or project etc.). One pagers effectively allow for an introductory summary of a larger piece of work to be disseminated in an easier to consume format. A Series of One-Pagers are used to track larger works in progress serving as progress reports, or rather a series of publications covering a certain thematic area. more

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Title Author Type Issuesort descending Date
South-South Cooperation in Times of Global Economic Crisis Michelle Morais de Sa e Silva One Pager 76 27/02/2009
Is the South Ready for South-South Cooperation? Melissa Andrade One Pager 77 27/02/2009
The Rich Expand, the Poor Contract. The Paradox of Macroeconomic Policy in Ethiopia Degol Hailu One Pager 78 06/03/2009
Impact Is Not Enough: Image and CCT Sustainability in Nicaragua Charity Moore One Pager 79 13/03/2009
Measuring poverty: what's in the line? Alejandro Grinspun One Pager 8 22/12/2004
Confronting Crises: Learning From Labour Markets in the Past Eduardo Zepeda One Pager 80 20/03/2009
How Does the Financial Crisis Affect Developing Countries? Diana Alarcón, Stephany Griffith-Jones, José Antonio Ocampo One Pager 81 09/04/2009
Is the Washington Consensus Dead? Degol Hailu One Pager 82 17/04/2009
HIV and Income Inequality: If There Is a Link, What Does It Tell Us? Göran Holmqvist One Pager 83 24/04/2009
The 2015 Debt Crisis Paul Ladd One Pager 84 22/05/2009