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The IPC-IG One-Pager is an extremely popular publication that seeks to  introduce readers to an idea or concept explored more in depth in a separate larger publication (i.e. Working Paper, journal article, book chapter, report  or project etc.). One pagers effectively allow for an introductory summary of a larger piece of work to be disseminated in an easier to consume format. A Series of One-Pagers are used to track larger works in progress serving as progress reports, or rather a series of publications covering a certain thematic area. more

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Title Author Type Issue Date
Challenges and perspectives for rural women in Brazil under the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Amanda Barroso Lima, Beatriz Abreu dos Santos, Isadora Cardoso Vasconcelos One Pager 319 08/04/2016
The role of institutional arrangements for youth employment and empowerment in Sierra Leone Molla Mekonnen Alemu One Pager 318 08/03/2016
The conditions for conditionality in cash transfers Luca Pellerano and Valentina Barca One Pager 317 08/03/2016
Towards a baseline study: insights on national evaluation capacities in 43 countries Claudia de Barros Marcondes One Pager 316 08/03/2016
Strengthening the cash transfer payment systems in Kenya Winnie Mwasiaji One Pager 315 08/03/2016
IPC-IG Collection of One Pagers, Vol. 3 IPC-IG One Pager 100003 04/02/2016
The impact of the BOTA foundation's conditional cash transfer programme for pre-school children in Kazakhstan Clare O’Brien One Pager 314 04/02/2016
Social protection through work in lower-income countries: an assessment framework Rodolfo Beazley, Kirit Vaidya One Pager 313 09/12/2015
Policies for Rural Development: an Analysis Focusing on the North and Northeast Regions of Brazil Izabelle Vieira, Pedro Arruda, Simone Battestin, Wesley J. Silva, Laetícia R. De Souza, Sergei Soares, Rovane Schwengber , Áquila Estevão da Silva Campos One Pager 310 09/12/2015
Taxation and distribution of income in Brazil: new evidence from personal income tax data Sérgio Wulff Gobetti, Rodrigo Octávio Orair One Pager 312 09/12/2015