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From Social Safety net to Social Policy? The Role of Conditional Cash Transfers in Welfare State Development in Latin America Francesca Bastagli Working Paper 60 10/12/2009
The Implications of Water and Electricity Supply for the Time Allocation of Women in Rural Ghana Joana Costa, Degol Hailu, Elydia Silva, Raquel Tsukada Working Paper 59 10/12/2009
Privatisation and Renationalisation: What Went Wrong in Bolivia’s Water Sector? Degol Hailu, Rafael Guerreiro Osorio, Raquel Tsukada Working Paper 58 16/10/2009
Access to Water in the Slums of the Developing World Hulya Dagdeviren, Simon A. Robertson Working Paper 57 12/06/2009
The Impact of Inflation Targeting on Unemployment in Developing and Emerging Economies Jose Angelo Divino Working Paper 56 05/06/2009
Private Sector Participation in African Infrastructure: Is it Worth the Risk? Kate Bayliss Working Paper 55 29/05/2009
HIV and Income Inequality: If There is a Link, What Does It Tell Us? Göran Holmqvist Working Paper 54 23/04/2009
The Financial Crisis and Its Impact on Developing Countries Stephany Griffith-Jones, José Antonio Ocampo Working Paper 53 09/04/2009
The Role of Gender Inequalities in Explaining Income Growth, Poverty and Inequality: Evidence from Latin American Countries Joana Costa, Elydia Silva, Fábio Vaz Working Paper 52 03/04/2009
Changes in Earnings in Brazil, Chile, and Mexico: Disentangling the Forces Behind Pro-Poor Change in Labour Markets Eduardo Zepeda, Diana Alarcón, Fabio Veras Soares, Rafael Guerreiro Osorio Working Paper 51 20/03/2009