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Title Author Type Issue Date
Aid and Savings in Sub-saharan Africa: Should we Worry about Rising Aid Levels? John Serieux Working Paper 50 20/02/2009
Opportunity NYC: a Performance-Based conditional Cash Transfer Programme. A Qualitative Analysis Michelle Morais de Sa e Silva Working Paper 49 12/11/2008
Are the MDGs Priority in Development Strategies and Aid Programmes? Only few are! Sakiko Fukuda-Parr Working Paper 48 24/10/2008
The Recent Impact of Government Transfers on Poverty in Honduras and Alternatives to Enhance their Effects Rafael Guerreiro Osorio Working Paper 47 01/08/2008
Targeted Cash Transfer Programmes in Brazil: BPC and the Bolsa Familia Marcelo Medeiros, Tatiana Britto, Fabio Veras Soares Working Paper 46 01/06/2008
Financial Liberalization and Domestic Resource Mobilization in Africa: an Assessment John Serieux Working Paper 45 03/04/2008
Do Changes in the Labour Market Take Families out of Poverty? Determinants of Exiting Poverty in Brazilian Metropolitan Regions Ana Flávia Machado , Rafael Perez Ribas Working Paper 44 24/02/2008
Is all Socioeconomic Inequality among Racial Groups in Brazil Caused by Racial Discrimination? Rafael Guerreiro Osorio Working Paper 43 08/02/2008
Growth, Poverty and Employment in Brazil, Chile and Mexico Eduardo Zepeda, Diana Alarcón, Fabio Veras Soares, Rafael Guerreiro Osorio Working Paper 42 01/12/2007
The Impact of Foreign Aid on Government Spending, Revenue and Domestic Borrowing in Ethiopia Pedro M. G. Martins Working Paper 41 16/11/2007