Social protection in Sudan—system overview and programme mapping

Author: Charlotte Bilo ,Anna Carolina Machado ,Fabianna Bacil
Thematic Area: Social Protection

Abstract:Over the last two years, Sudan has undergone significative changes in its internal political configuration. However, the implementation of State-provided social protection programmes is not entirely new in the country, which already had a tradition in providing income, consumption goods and other basic services to poor and marginalised people. This report compiles and details information about these schemes and aims to contribute to the literature by providing evidence on the state of social assistance and social insurance in Sudan by late 2019. The document is divided into two parts: the first provides a quick overview of the main institutions in charge of social protection as well as the key policy and legal instruments that guide and regulate the country's system, and the second offers a detailed description of Sudan' main social protection programmes, including key information such as institutional set-up, benefits provided, coverage, targeting mechanisms used to identify beneficiaries, financing structure, administrative databases and monitoring and evaluation mechanisms.

Keywords:social protection mapping; Sudan; social; assistance; coverage; targeting mechanisms
Publication Date:
Type/Issue:Research Report/53

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