Overview of the supply and coverage of Social Assistance Services in Bahia

Author: Karen Codazzi Pereira ,MarĂ­lia Rocha
Thematic Area: Social Protection

Abstract:This One Pager presents the main results of the study on the analyses of supply and coverage indicators of social assistance services in Bahia. The supply and coverage were analysed by type of service and level of protection, considering basic and specialised protection. The development and analysis of these indicators aims to help the Superintendence of Social Assistance (SAS), of the Secretariat of Justice, Human Rights and Social Development (SJDHDS) of the Government of Bahia, to improve the monitoring and evaluation of the social protection system and to provide support the formulation of the new State Social Assistance Plan (PEAS) and the SUAS (Unify Social Assistance System) Improvement Pact in the state.

Keywords:social protection; social assistance; monitoring and evaluation
Publication Date:
Type/Issue:One Pager/479

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