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Inclusive Growth Bulletin April 2014 is out!

This month's newsletter includes the launch of a new edition of the Policy In Focus, a publication on land grabbing in Africa and a video interview about Colombia's social protection programmes. more...

New Publication analises Youth and Employment among the BRICS

The IPC-IG pre-launched its latest Policy in Focus publication which brings the analysis of the usage of social programmes to promote youth employment in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa more...

UN and Government of Brazil Launch World Without Poverty Initiative

New knowledge sharing platform will share Brazil’s social protection innovations with the world more...

The Inclusive Growth Bulletin March 2014 is out

The March 2014 issue covers South-South Learning and presents new publications on sustainable agriculture, global inequality and social protection topics more...

New Policy in Focus is launched

'Protagonist Women' brings 13 articles that highlight major structural challenges faced by women and important progress achieved on women's rights. more...

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Social Protection and Cash Transfers

Social protection is an important policy tool to tackle social exclusion, inequality and poverty. The surge of Cash Transfer Programmes in Latin America, such as Oportunidades in Mexico and Bolsa Familia in Brazil triggered debates on their potential as well as limits. IPC-IG produces  impressive knowledge products on social protection schemes and conducts a number of evaluations of projects and programmes.

Inclusive Growth

Inclusive growth is both an outcome and a process. On one hand, it ensures that everyone can participate in the growth process, both in terms of decision-making in the organisation as well as in participating in the growth itself. On the other hand, it makes sure that everyone shares equitably the benefits of growth.

South-South Learning

We facilitate exchanges and learning opportunities in the different areas of our work, with particular focus on the design of social protection programmes. IPC-IG promotes the exchange of innovative development experiences in the South and collaborates with a number of Government institutions, global forums and UN agencies.

Development Innovations

Our work identifies policy options to support innovations that address various development challenges. Our research and policy advocacy work target eco-innovations, health innovations and social policy innovations. We are then dedicated to promoting ideas and recommendations to tackle energy constraints, access to essential medicines, infrastructure provision and unemployment.

Rural and Sustainable Development

The rural and sustainable development team aims at producing knowledge and fostering debate about the benefits of multi-sectoral policies that jointly tackle diverse dimensions of social and environmental sustainability. This three-pronged work-programme explores new analysis of ongoing as well as emerging issues, defining a new space of work for the IPC-IG.

Communications, Outreach and Advocacy

Communications and outreach play central roles in supporting IPC-IG’s mission as a global forum for South-South learning related to development policy. Our work builds partnerships to promote inclusive growth through advocacy and knowledge sharing and raise awareness in development-related issues.