Latest Publications

An Exploratory Analysis Of The Effects Of The Formalisation Policy For Individual Micro-Entrepreneurs

05/09/2014, Working Paper, Carlos Henrique L. Corseuil, Marcelo Neri, Gabriel Ulyssea

An Exploratory Analysis of the Effects of the Formalisation Policy for Individual Micro-entrepreneurs

05/09/2014, One Pager, Carlos Henrique L. Corseuil, Marcelo Neri, Gabriel Ulyssea

How to Engage Parliamentarians in Evaluation

05/09/2014, One Pager, Asela Kalugampitiya, Lívia Maria Da Costa Nogueira, Paola De Orte

A Profile of the Middle Class in Latin American Countries 2001–2011

05/09/2014, Policy Research Brief, Leopoldo Tornarolli

The Evolution of the Middle Class in Latin America

13/08/2014, Working Paper, Leopoldo Tornarolli

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Design and Impact Evaluations of Social Protection Programmes in Developing Countries; Analysis of Food Security and Support for Smallholder Farmers

Human Settlement, Social Groups and Equity; Living Standards and M&E of Poverty Reduction Strategies

Organization of Study Visits and International Seminars on South-South Learning; Support for strengthening National Evaluation Capacities; Online Platforms and Forums; Engagement and advocacy strategies; Internship and Fellowship programmes

Rural and Sustainable Development Development Innovations for Inclusive Growth Millennium Development Goals Macroeconomic Policies, Poverty and Inequality Support Infrastructure Developments Inclusive Industrial Policies State of the World Economy Macroeconomic Policies to combat HIV/AIDS...