Latest Publications

Public policies for the strengthening of family farming in the Global South

17/12/2015, Policy In Focus, Thomas Patriota, Francesco Maria Pierri

Public policies for rural development and combating poverty in rural areas

13/05/2016, Joint Publications, Fernando Gaiger Silveira, Pedro Arruda, Izabelle Vieira, Simone Battestin, Áquila Estevão Campos, Wesley Silva

Scaling up cash transfer programmes: Good practices and lessons learned from Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia

13/05/2016, Joint Publications, Ana Beatriz Monteiro Costa, Mario Gyoeri, Fábio Veras Soares

Climate change and impacts on family farming in the North and Northeast of Brazil

13/05/2016, Working Paper, Haroldo Machado Filho, Cássia Moraes, Paula Bennati, Renato de Aragão Rodrigues, Marcela Guilles, Pedro Rocha, Amanda Lima, Isadora Vasconcelos

Social Protection in Africa: inventory of non-contributory programmes

13/05/2016, Joint Publications, Cristina Cirillo, Raquel Tebaldi

Working Areas

Design and Impact Evaluations of Social Protection Programmes in Developing Countries; Analysis of Food Security and Support for Smallholder Farmers

Human Settlement, Social Groups and Equity; Living Standards and M&E of Poverty Reduction Strategies

Organization of Study Visits and International Seminars on South-South Learning; Support for strengthening National Evaluation Capacities; Online Platforms and Forums; Engagement and advocacy strategies; Internship and Fellowship programmes