Latest Publications

The Impact of Cash Transfers on Local Economies

14/05/2015, Policy In Focus, Stephanie Levy

Social Protection Systems in Latin America and the Caribbean: Dominican Republic

10/07/2015, One Pager, Milena Lavigne, Luis Hernán Vargas

How to Move beyond the Impact Evaluation Trap? Setting up Comprehensive M&E Systems for Social Protection Programmes

10/07/2015, One Pager, Ramlatu Attah, Valentina Barca, Ian MacAuslan, Luca Pellerano, Luigi Peter Ragno, Nils Riemenschneider, Claire Simon

Indonesia’s Single Registry for Social Protection Programmes

10/07/2015, Policy Research Brief, Adama Bah, Suahasil Nazara, Elan Satriawan

Stunting Among Children in Yemen: Prevalence and Associated Factors

12/06/2015, Working Paper, Laetícia Rodrigues de Souza

Associated Factors Contributing to Child Stunting in Yemen

12/06/2015, One Pager, Laetícia Rodrigues de Souza