Presenting the Webinar on Turkey`s Integrated Social Assistance System

On 02 June 2016, at 2pm – 3:30pm (UTC +03:00 – Ankara, Turkey) we will be holding a webinar dedicated to Turkey’s Integrated Social Assistance System. The webinar is supported by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), Oxford Policy Management and Development Pathways, and hosted by

Turkey’s Integrated Social Assistance System (ISAS) Programme commenced in 2010, focusing on transferring all social assistance related workflows to an electronic platform, to establish a common database. It also aimed to institute efficient control and monitoring mechanisms to ensure a fair distribution of resources. It managed all social assistance processes such as application/registration, investigation, payments, monitoring, accounting, auditing and others. The Programme came to a close at the end of 2015 with a total budget of 35 million Turkish Lira (approximately 10 million USD).  The System was developed module by module using an incremental and flexible method over the 5 year period. Currently, a continuation contract is being maintained for 2 years between the Ministry of Family and Social Policies and the Turkish Scientific Research Council (TÜBİTAK).

The webinar will address the following discussions:

  • What is Turkey’s Integrated Social Assistance System (ISAS)? 
  • Why the system was developed (objectives)? 
  • Background and timeline: how has this work taken shape? 
  • How does ISAS work (e.g. how is data collected, updated and used)? 
  • What benefits has it brought about? What type of integration? 
  • What were the challenges and limitations faced and how were these tackled? 
  • Considerations for the Future 
  • Practical demonstration of the system 
  • Key lessons for other countries

We invite you to register as an audience member of the webinar.


Date: 02 June 2016

Time: 2:00pm – 3:30pm

(UTC +03:00 – Ankara, Turkey)


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Following the webinar, the recording will be available on’s Youtube channel, while presentations and related content will be available for download on The Single Registries and Integrated MISs Online Community, accessible on Community members will also be able to submit comments and questions concerning the webinar to the webinar panelists. To join the Online Community and stay up-to-date on this and future knowledge sharing initiatives, become a member of

Mustafa Sencer Kiremitci is a social policy expert in Turkey’s Ministry of Family and Social Policy. He has been working at the General Directorate of Social Assistances since 2009. His main focus is continuous improvement of social assistance delivery. In recent years, with his strong communication skills, he has also been promoting Turkey’s groundbreaking Integrated Social Assistance System around the world.
Çağlar Çinar is a social policy expert in Turkey’s Ministry of Family and Social Policy. He has been working at the General Directorate of Social Assistances since 2011. He is a computer engineer and also has a master degree in Management Information Systems. He is working on the technical infrastructure of Turkey’s Social Assistance Information System. In recent years he has also been working on R&D operations for Turkey’s Integrated Social Assistance System.
Valentina Barca is a consultant in Oxford Policy Management’s (OPM) Poverty and Social Protection portfolio, with a strong research focus on how delivery systems (e.g design and implementation aspects) can facilitate responsiveness and effectiveness of social protection systems. In recent years, Valentina has led OPM’s work on the topic of integrated data and information management for social protection.
Richard Chirchir is the Senior MIS Specialist at Development Pathways and an experienced Management Information Systems (MIS) expert with over 14 years of relevant professional experience. He has devoted most of his career to the design and development of multi-platform ICT solutions. Richard has worked in several countries across Africa and Asia. He has co-authored the two publications on MISs used in developing countries.
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