Webinar discusses linking humanitarian Cash Transfer Programmes with social protection

The online event is part of socialprotection.org’s 'Shock-Responsive Social Protection Systems Webinar Series'

On Thursday, 12 May, 2016 the online platform socialprotection.org will present the Webinar “A Framework and Practical Guidance on Linking Humanitarian Cash Transfers with Long-Term Social Safety Nets”. The Webinar is organized by The Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP) and Oxford Policy Management (OPM) and is the first online event of the Shock-Responsive Social Protection Systems Webinar Series.

The webinar will address the need for and purpose of linking humanitarian Cash Transfer Programmes (CTPs) with social protection, broaching on the convergence between them, discussing challenges and opportunities and providing examples of how this has been done in different contexts. Panelist Nupur Kukrety (Consultant, CaLP) is the author of a CaLP publication Working with cash based safety nets in humanitarian contexts: Guidance note for humanitarian practitioners and Panelist Clare O'Brien (OPM) is the manager of the research project that produced a OPM working paper Conceptualising Shock-Responsive Social Protection, the two recent papers that prompted the webinar. Paula Gil Baizan (Advocacy Coordinator, CaLP) will also be a panelist.



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Since its launch in September of last year, socialprotection.org has organised several webinars on a range of themes relevant for social protection, the latest of which have been "La política fiscal como mecanismo para combatir la desigualdad: análisis en Brasil y Guatemala” and "Gender and Social Protection: Current Issues and Policy Trends", part of a series on Gender-Sensitive Social Protection. You can listen to recordings of webinars and join online communities on the topics on socialprotection.org.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016 - 11:15